By Chace Donovan Rickard Odell


It’s not like I haven’t been a fan of South Park. More like I was too infatuated with it’s universe. Though I hope that isn’t plausible in anyway, and if surely is. I would love to be the person that holds that intellect of this subject. I am one of those select group of people that go around everyday and quote hilarious messages from the South Park encyclopedia. And I am friends with an as large or larger South Park fan. So when I heard back in 2011, from Game-informer, that this video game was coming out……. I almost literally stool-ed myself!!!! But the question is? Can I give an unbiased rating even though I am such an enormous fan of the game. So I am going to go through the whole fucked up quest of the game and find you the answer…. You be judge of my critique?!


As always Matt and Trey have a way about them. They can start with literally nothing on a script and turn it into something much larger. Sometimes even exaggerating some of the most minor things to such an escalation. That really you probably can’t find a subject that they can’t turn into a doom scenario. And even though I would have to say that I find older seasons to have fonder episodes….. I still think that South Park has got massive kicks! That just keep coming back to nail you in the balls affectionately. Personally one of my favorite Seasons is number 6. But!!!! All this babbling isn’t getting us closer to the answer! You want to know if you should buy South Park The Stick of Truth….. So maybe we should get the god damn point?


We start off in the glorious crafted and in my opinion identical to the show,….South Park! You are a new kid in town, and with the personality of mute person. You are still encouraged by your slightly motivational and quite awkward parents, to find friends! Who have the ability to be nice, and then switch like a victim of a bipolar disorder.

South Park is magnificent, and spectators can’t even tell sometimes that your playing a game. I am not watching a show, and I have to keep telling myself this fact. It being ages since the original came out on the PlayStation. This is like a drink of Dasani after your cab driver leaves you out in the middle of desert, cause you cost-ed him thousands of dollars on game your refereed wrong, because you didn’t know which team called tails. Wait, that’s Rat Race….. What I am trying to say is, it’s been awhile…. Hmmm, kinda ….. like ….. rat race….?


South Park Stick of Truth is a light RPG element. It brings me back to Final Fantasy Tactics, , on the PlayStation. God has it been that long. Man I am fucking old… What year was that. My god that was 1998! Some of these kids reading this were probably not even born yet! Anyway, I better get back to this review or I think they are going to get pissed. For I keep rabbling about how old I am. Even know I look young, it’s just that Matt my friend keeps reminding me how old we are. He should really just shut up. Shut up Matt! Just shut up!!!


Anyway, it’s a light RPG element with flair. You usually have a party of two, but there are times when you do go solo. It’s high tendency to be outnumbered in the fight.  Frequently I went against around four opponents, but there were times when you could encounter up 6 or 7. In one special case, I fought 4 wolves! To my surprise, then each one was systematically being replaced. Resulting in 8 opponents to defeat in one battle scenario. I should note that this never happened to me again and a thankful reason. Cause I died and was pissed about it. You don’t want to see me smashing my keyboard. Oh you do, well I am not getting angry mister! I am not getting angry!!!!


You take turns during the fight, you and your other allies. Usually resulting in one turn each……. But such potions as tweaks coffee, have the benefit for you too take two turns right in a row. If your opponent is stunned, your turn comes right back to you. You can even use your turn to heal another ally and vice versa. Other unique abilities are ones that shall I say are very unique. You probably, scratch that, you wouldn’t be able to find in other RPG games. For instance, the items you would throw at your opponent. I could be wrong? But I don’t remember another game in which you could throw your feces at your opponent. This surely feels like the uniqueness of Ron Burgundy and is a first for me…


In crudeness, profanity, nudity and just the most unbelievable things happening on screen. It has the effect to make the show look lightly offensive! While the game will have you gasping in some of the most vulgar and insanely crude subjects ever collected together in a fitting game. None of them will probably make you stop playing it, especially if your familiar with South Park. But let just say this, if your a person that becomes offended by such subjects, for example……. abortions! Then I may refrain you from deciding to play this. This is not the show in any spotlight, considering the level they will dare to climb to. Especially after seeing just a few examples in the beginning, I wonder how much they cut out of the original versions of the show before they would air them. And even the most die-hard fans of South Park, such as me, were even surprised at some profane moments. But it was awesome, and I love being shocked…. 🙂


The story is composed like the steps of a ladder, as your height increases so does the escalation in ever way possible. That I really don’t want to spoil anything. What I will say is this… You never ever ever ever and yeah ever, become bored. The story has fluent way with itself to keep you focused on engaging characters in the game. Visiting every house and tracking down whomever is your favorite character in the show. No matter which episode was your favorite, The Stick of Truth tries to appease your wish in some form….




New kid in town who tries to fit in. While the most insanely events, that even outmatch the shows intensity, seem to be collided into a domino effect within a short period of time. Characters are just as hilarious, if not more than the show. If one has to make a comparison, it’s almost like the height of climax in South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut motion picture. Yet, the story is cruder and more profane then ever. It’s fucking fantastic!


It’s just that excellent! That I wanted it to last as long as Skyrim and Oblivion combined! You know if they mutated together into one enormous mammoth and it tasted like chicken.

Bottom Line… 9.5 OUT OF 10




I don’t really know if it can get any closer to the actually show. I  couldn’t even tell a difference. And I was looking to try and find a difference. If you find a difference, I actually would like to know what is the difference. Lots of the use of the word difference there………… Difference….. I used it again 🙂 ahhhh…. Maybe a color variation? But the graphics are downright amazing in replicating the show in all it’s glory. I even cranked my graphics card to actually improve the artistic animations, but after taking it back down to the normal setting. I didn’t see a difference….


I am kinda at a loss here. I don’t really think it can look any better compared to the show. Unless the show upgrades to a Pixar like animation. It simply is the first game that looks identical, in my opinion, to what it’s supposed to be replicating.

Bottom Line… 10 OUT 10




There are differences between the classes. Usually separating themselves by their special abilities. But for a story difference, really only a couple of dialogue lines change it from being identical. Of course I find the site HOWLONGTOBEAT.COM to be slightly off on the complectionist time. Not even doing all the quests I reached 20 hours. Now that is nearly everything, but that’s 5 hours over what the site said. So unless your speed running and not enjoying or exploring the wonderful world. I can’t see it not taking upwards of 17 to 18 hours. I have all ready beat it twice and want to go back for a third and final time…..


The story is the same no matter the class you choose. There really is only a couple of dialogue lines that change it from being identical to the original..

Bottom Line… 8.5 OUT 10




Quick time events fill that thrill of the fight. Using potions that are labeled as food items. Gas attacks are particularly unique, and are also replenished by items that in reality that would cause a mass of gas. I found that mashing buttons to be a particular adrenaline rush. While my friend found them to be impossible to do and was slightly discouraged by them. I guess it really goes to a pro or con depending if you can mash.


Slightly simple in the beginning, but more complex later. Some could be discouraged by the lesser of options in the early stages. If they opt out before more options become available, this could cause a dislike. Some boss fights are insanely tough, and unless you have a monumental amount of Tweaks coffee. Your going to be fighting for a awhile.

Bottom Line… 8.5 OUT OF 10




I am very surprised that the music is so vast in length. At an hour and 14 minutes, this is a very long soundtrack for game that portrays South Park as it’s title. On top of that, the music is enchanting and motivational heriocness with an adrenaline rushing experience. That sound quality with Butters special ability of Professor Chaos is fantastic. The blade sound when a fight encounters is hair curling on the back of your neck. Just the overall length would not make it excellent, but the quality of the sound has it as well. Even better are the solos of such characters as Chef singing “I’m gonna make love to you women”and Cartmans hand being JLO, with “taco flavored kisses”.


It’s not an hour and 15 minutes….

Bottom Line… 9.75 OUT OF 10




I would be lying to myself if I wasn’t skeptical paying $60 for this, and I am a huge fan of South Park. But my worries have been put to rest and risen again to be killed off twice, like a soap opera character……… 18 to 19 hours, and you can play 4 different classes with DLC on the way.


60 taco flavored kisses is kinda high. I can see why it took so long for the game to come out, and maybe that added to it’s production cost. Hence the upward price tag. But no one can deny that with the same dialogue and identical path with no other options, it’s kinda limited on how you accessorize your taco…..

Bottom Line… 8.0 OUT 10




I have hardly given any criticism on this game in this entire critique process. And that truly is because the game is gem in almost every area. Very close to saying that I didn’t find any glitches anywhere. Just a few very minor ones, except one major one.


The saving process saves three times and doesn’t allow you to have two different saves. It saves one walk-through three times, but wont allow two different walk-throughs? This is puzzling….. Quite a few times the map was off on where my location was. It would say I was two houses down when I was two houses up. Another puzzling glitch or intention?

Bottom Line… 7.75 OUT 10










  1. Hell of a game. Just beat it for the first time. You really do some crazy stuff in your quest for the Stick of Truth. For there can only be one that has the power to defeat the evil one. lol

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