Video Game Review of HAWKEN


By Chace Donovan Rickard Odell

Explosions rattle your tin can, as you dive left and right on two legs. You move swiftly under an overpass to shield yourself from incoming projectiles. Feeling your in a safe presence you initiate repair mode. As a shadowy presence comes from overhead, bullets reign from above. And your titanium alloy is transformed to molten metal. For a minute you linger standing, as gravity pulls, your hulking mass of metal frame falls to the floor. This is Hawken…..


Feeling the rush of TitanFall, but just want to play as a mech the whole time. Then Hawken is for you!

Balanced surprisingly well against other players that haven’t spent any money. Yet if your playing against players that are dropping dollar bills like Donald Trumps tendency to yell at people. Then your going to get irritated with that comparison of fairness quite quickly. Just like World of Tanks, it has cash or some form of in game currency, you receive this from just playing the game. And then there’s the option to indulge yourself in the costly in game items. While the cheapest package is a $5 investment. You could go Bill Gates on there ass and spend upwards of $100 package.


Balancing aside, Hawken is finely tuned game. It has been in open beta since December 12, 2012. So the bugs and glitches are quite minor. Not to say that we didn’t see some. But they weren’t sporadic in any form.

It really does have the attention when it’s being played in the middle of the room. I didn’t mind just spectating as my friend Jake played to his hearts content. And something is too say when your playing Hawken on a 60 inch screen. The explosions and utter SCIFI like scenery is quite distinct in the beauty range. It may not win the pageant, but is still going to be taken home after the show…..




None to my knowledge… So what do you think I did? I looked the damn thing up. Hawken is set on a distant planet that was colonized by a distant man in the distant future, by a distant corporation of a distant mind group on distant resources harvested by a distant corporations with distant ideas on how to colonize hence distant arguments. And after years and years of the planet being pumped for all of it’s glorious resources. A massive outbreak of hell breaks loose over the consumption of the resources. In which everyone needs to kill everyone to stabilize the resources. So of course why not grab a massive hulking two piece of metal that has guns attached to it and start blowing shit up. Hence the plot of Hawken……


But really we could have little more story. No campaign, no tidbits of cut-scene interactions or any form of depth at all. Nothing, and I had to look deep for some information. Not really deep, but it’s not like the information is on Wiki….

Bottom Line….. 5.0 OUT 10




Surprisingly quite decent. I don’t usually find that much to admire in beta games. The maps are stunning in detail and the overall vibe of futuristic world is alluring


Draw distance is a bitch, this is even when you turn everything to the ultra setting. It’s got that kinda fade look mixed with fog. But again it’s in beta!!! I expect that in the coming future we will see those improvements…

Bottom Line 8.25




I mean Hawken has this little number by the digit. Such an adrenaline rush of game-play chaos. Explosions followed by kills make you just jump for joy. With a fist pump in the air of gratification, and your smile formed by obliterating your opponent. Double kills just feel naughty! And the length of time you will consume yourself in this game daunting. Even spectating is fun, even when your friend is an idiot or a pro…..


Not much replay value if your keep fighting opponents that have spent a shit ton of money. If they been dropping the bills on those mech bitches. You could find yourself in not just an overkill game, but downright hell hole of destruction. And that’s your ass in the hell hole. Burnt like piece of toast, and you can’t even scrape off the burnt piece with a butter knife, its just going into the trash can….

Bottom Line

Fair Game 9.5

Mech Bitches Game 5.0




You have projectile missiles, heat vaporizers, machine guns and just an arsenal that could cause a crazy combination of assault strikes. You can maneuver with jet propulsion systems and reach high heights. Or glide from above and strike with vengeance. You may also dive left and right using the propulsion system. Back and forth darting in and out of hallway is exhilarating. Chaos is a constant affair and Hawken is quick to excel-late this subject. To crazy shit in your face!


Game play is focused on what you can do with your mech against your opponent. Your limited if you don’t spend the money on the upgradeable options your allowed only with a cash investment. And while it is true that you can buy items with the currency you get from just playing the game. It doesn’t mean that is a fair trade off in any way. The game play feels cheap when your hitting them with the same mech your hitting them with and they are taking you down in a few shots while yours takes 10.

Bottom Line

Fair Game 9.0

Mech Bitches Game 5.0



Dub-step with a chillness to it. Not like this winter in Wisconsin cold, but damn chilly. Need a light jacket and maybe it can be zipped up. No bring the zip down to half way. There that looks right, it’s a half zipped chilly kinda dub-step. With soft undertones and drums rampaging in after light build to the vibrating thunderous tone of motivational movie tribute.


Not that many songs to listen to. Been listening to this OST while I have been typing this. And I got to say. Its kinda short. Two minute segments, some a little longer… But 6 songs, come on people! That’s even counting the trailer music.

Bottom Line 5.0



It’s fnnnn free man. Like getting out of jail and you had a sports car parked in free parking area with a beautiful women in the passenger seat and she brought food from the local Chipotle and your scheduled for an all day session beer testing. Yeah man or women, it’s that fricken good of a deal


I just said it was free. What hell are you looking here for. Look away you little bugger. Stop being a perv and looking at my con. Your still looking here, and I don’t really think I want to be friends with you anymore. Nope we are done mister, whats that? Oh your brought Chipotle. Well on second thought…..

Bottom Line 9.5



I really didn’t see any major ones in the 10 hours I tested the game out. A few hiccups of getting a little stuck when passing another mech. But guess what honey! That’s it…..


You really need to quit looking at me. What’s that? You have another bag of chips from Chiptole?

Bottom Line 9.25


Combined Score from someone who knows something about something of something that shows you something and scores that something to bring you the combined score of something you read from


FAIR GAME 7.9285714286

MECH BITCHES GAME 6.7142857143



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