As always Crysis has tried to set the limit to what can be accomplished with today’s graphic cards. With the glorious cry-engine 3 entailing New York City in a light never seen so clear. Not only is the scale larger and very much smaller in other ways, but the enemies have now evolved into hulking humanoids. With Devastators that resemble almost a complete replica of Halo’s hunter


I was an enormous fan of the sandbox ability of the original Crysis and the expansion Crysis Warhead. Noting that Crysis 2 doesn’t have this option in even the slightest of conceptions, which makes me disregard it as a sequel. Crysis 2 should be more of an expansion, noting it’s limitations to it’s earlier predecessors. Quick saves have been eliminated, and for a reason that I cannot counter with “because of? The prone ability has been slashed. And just the general running is now taxing the energy of the suit, while before it was when you used speed to further your run. The aliens, the human enemies and your loyal forces were all glitched in many many areas.


Why did I wait to play it for this long? One cause I wanted to see Crysis 2 in all of it’s glory. A hefty computer is still needed to see this game in all it’s semi awesomeness. And no one can not note how beautiful Crysis 2 is. But it doesn’t even come close to same settings on the earlier editions. It is only because of an update 1.8 with added textures is it able to count for something a bit more. With mods it’s able to show a truly beautiful scenery. I turned everything to the max and then pushed it further with super sampling and CSAA at 64x. Some truly amazing photos are then produced. But remember that the original Crysis was beautiful without even having to turn the notch to the max or modifications.


Here we have devastator from the Crysis game!

Actually that’s a hunter from Halo. This is a devastator from Crysis 2.

Plot- New York City is taken over by a virus that is destine to kill mankind, as a replica ATF fights for control over the city. While your fight them and the aliens to find the origin of your suit and the virus.








The story is composed of many plot connections. Many flashbacks of Prophet and yours, but where it falls is in over-complexity. It doesn’t give you time to sink into the story! With just so many tidbits trying to break and fall off of each other. If only they had Morgan Freeman to explain this spaghetti conundrum of a plot.

Bottom Line 8.0


Game-play- Upgrade-able suit options, 12 available…. Enemies total a max of 8 different units, and this is if we count the drop ships. Gun play is explosive and gratifying, with state of art even compared to today’s standard. I suggest using modification for improved game-play or just maxing the graphics to quantify an amazing shootout scene.


Mixed with glitches and quite possible the most moronic AI I have ever seen in this level of a budget game. I played the entire game on the most difficult setting and didn’t even upgrade once. Sure some sequences were quite challenging. But maybe I am just getting to qualified for games that don’t have proper AI that adapts to you.


Bottom Line 7.25

Graphics- The strong suit, especially strong considering the power mode or reflecting upgrade-able option. Anyway, the graphics have always been what the fans of the series come to praise. So please come and pour among-st the beautiful scenery.


This is not what I expected, not in the least bit. Crysis 2 is a downgrade in graphics to it’s predecessors. I am an enthusiast when it comes computer hardware, testing this system on a custom built PC. The textures were a complete downgrade and only are somewhat on par with the patch.

Bottom Line 7.85


Replay- I can see the possibility if you were so fed up with how easy it was on normal.

But I have no reason or want to replay this campaign ever….

Bottom Line 5.0


Sound- Is quite fantastic on a decent setup. With proper adrenaline music being implemented at the right times…

I wish it took more in effect of my high dollar amount audio setup, kinda like Hitman Absolution did…

Bottom Line 9.0

Value- I put a lot of time into Crysis 2, even walking back and retracing my steps to find nothing in most cases. But at 16 hours of total game-play, this can be a lengthy FPS if you choose the completionist setting…

Bottom Line…. 8.75

Development Faults- I decided to move this one to last and for good reason. Horrible, absolutely horrible glitches. Some aliens froze in there path in front of me, ran into walls, didn’t even notice me at times. I let my friend Matt play for awhile and he walked right through a train cart, right through it!!! For this to be high budget game, and for it to be this long with no update to fix the bugs. Unacceptable all the way, and deserves one of the lowest ratings I have ever given in this category. I don’t give it sparingly and I love the Crysis Franchise, so really it hurts me to do this……


Bottom Line…. 3.5







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