Our Change!

Well I have been told by friends that I need to step up my game. To acquire a better record of current game titles. So I have my advice and I take it fully in regard. More Game reviews, more compassion for the industry. For we need more gain to the central idea of what drives us to want to play. To want to buy, our addiction has reasoning. If I can acquire what you want, and persuade you to what you desire. Then I have done my job. I have not reached that potential, I have driven my fans to a want. They see, but they do not have the overwhelming urge. Our site is here to give you the urge, a want is a question. We don’t provide a question, we want loyalty to the products we present. We want you to have to buy, cause we provide evidence that is compelling enough that you cannot resist. And for that, I retire the old rating system. We are done with providing an over analyzed approach. A cut and dry length is needed and wanted. And for you the fan or consumer or just the viewer. That is what we will give you, a comprehensive analysis that is thorough and well developed to conclude on if you should buy or not. WE make the rating that you ponder with, that you trust. WE are changing for you and you will not regret it….



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