We were at one time ridiculed for our choice to play games. We were discredited by our intelligence because of video games. We were disliked because of our hobby!

If we came from this in some form, why would we treat people so unfairly and unjustly! We know what it is like to be hated and discarded like some uncool person. To be identified like some specimen of uninteresting taste. A foul stench of personality just because it differs from yours. This is not right, this not fair or justified. If this is you, why do you do this. To cause others to feel like you did, to feel depressed to feel hated and discarded to be left alone to cry. Don’t make people cry or feel ashamed just because someone did this too you. Treated you so unfairly and punished you. Think how you can really stick it to them by being nice. It will piss them off more then anything, when you can say something back that doesn’t take the same tone as them.

I am done with people hating others in our community. You have no right to troll someone out of the only outcome to cause them pain. Why cause them pain from your words. Your words are supposed to have meaning, not meaningless justification to cause chaos with their emotions. To tear them down and make them feel immoral. To turn them into someone who has to be ready for a ridicule attack at anytime. That never can relax, never feel safe online without being harassed.

Developers are even now taking games down. Developers are leaving the gaming industry due to this. To the pressure, to the hate and the abuse. This not needed anymore and if your apart of this you should be ashamed. Your an example of what our hobby is. You demonstrating that you disregard other people, this hurts our image as a whole. And this is a rant, cause I won’t let another troll hurt someone and make them think they are alone. Your not alone and me as well as others love you!

On a further note. We have all done this at sometime. I have and do not feel good about it. Bill Nye and Ken Ham had a debate recently. And even though I thought that Ken Ham was insane and delusional, Bill Nye kept his cool. How did he do this? If that was me, I would have got ignorant. But Bill didn’t, and that made me think. If you can have a productive argument without getting into a vulgar argument. Then your more intelligent and worth noting.

Love you Gamers!


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