You have heard or are about to hear reading this. That Ken Levine from Irrational Games has decided to lay off more than 90% of his staff……

Is Irrational Games in financial trouble, we called Irrational Games to have a find out and are awaiting comment. But lets look at there video game sales for instance. Bioshock is considered one of the best reviewed games of all time. Not saying I agree with that statement or disagree for that matter. But with 4.32 million copies sold, this investment was a wise choice. Even the ugly ducking Bioshock 2, sold 3.75 million. And the most recent addition Infinite, 3.35 million. Each total of copies sold is including all of the platform sales combined for each title.

So now that I look at these totals. What the consensus of most Bioshock players call the worse game of the series, Bioshock 2. For some strange reason it is still beating out Infinite. Now I am sure that number will eventually soon be passed. But why hasn’t it clobbered the other editions with it’s amazing review success? And even going further, why hasn’t Infinite beat out it’s initial intro, Bioshock! Even though it’s considered 2 points behind Bioshock on Meta-critic. When Bioshock came out, the audience of people who called themselves gamers was actually less! And it’s fame wasn’t noted at that time, only the major fans of System Shock knew of Ken Levine or major publications dealing with the entertainment industry. The point is, Ken was no where near his rock-stardom before Bioshock. He had flair, but when that baby dropped he was set on fire and easily seen in the dark. When Infinite was released, it was so commercialized that everyone knew about it. It could have been preordered on Steam months before it was able to be installed. The music from Nico Vega on the trailer made it to mainstream success, in areas where no one even knew about the band. Even Mp3skull at the time had it as one of their favorites for downloads. Yet we look now after a year has passed and still Infinite is behind the moldy cheese {Bioshock 2} in the fridge that keeps getting pushed back and picked over by the cheddar {Bioshock}. This is upsetting for Irrational Games I can assure you. For if it was true that the game cost a whopping 200 million dollars. Then I could understand if that investment wasn’t paid back in at least double or triple. Someone is going to be pissed at that decision to invest a grand scale of paper that doesn’t rebuttal results financially.

So given what we have covered. Ken Levine is probably disappointed at the results. Is it right for him to go off into a mad hatter mixed with Donald Trump and fire 90% of his staff. Well it’s his company, it’s his right and it’s his image. I can see where he was going with this looking at the finances. But your fans are not as minded to review you financially to understand. The internet is flowing with consistent comment of curse words towards Ken Levine. I know that difficult decisions have to be made, but going about them is always what sets the conclusion different. Not saying that there is a good way of going about all decisions. Some decisions in life are difficult and sometimes there really isn’t one grand choice with no consequence. I just think that Ken Levine did it without giving proper reason to the people that have a problem with it. Not saying that he needed to give them proper reason for that matter either. It’s just why not keep your customers that buy your products high on happiness. They are your life line in this business and no one should know better than you. He has been in the business for awhile. Best luck on his new direction…..


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