Video Game - Titanfall Wallpaper

The wait is no longer, TitanFall has now arrived. That is to say for the Beta nonetheless…. I would like to give thanks to a friend and an Editor of Gamespot, Tom MC Shea. He is the reason that I got to play the Beta! Thank you so much Tom.

So for those who didn’t get to play the beta and have per-ordered it to play it as soon as possible. Let me assure you that your decision in putting a financial payment towards this title is a decision that is well made. A decision that a year from now, you will be saying “if I can make that excellent of a decision in my life, why am I not a millionaire”?

TitanFall is without a doubt one of the most adrenaline rushing experiences of my life, on multiplayer games. It could even be a group of the most intense daredevil lives combined, that even Evel Knievel blushes. But what is TitanFall, it is the next generation in terms of scope on how you can win, how you can pursue and how you can eliminate your enemy.

The smart pistol is without out a doubt one of the most skilled guns. A rounded edge box is your hubs kill-zone, this locks onto your enemy, within the time the victim is contained inside your square. Now mind you to kill the grunts or specters, is borderline effortless, when timing is established. But to learn how to kill other pilots effectively, with the smart pistol, is really an eye opener! You need lightening fast reflexes to position yourself out of the incoming shots as you lock onto the enemy. Pursuing your victim from behind sets the difficulty somewhat at an ease and fully to your advantage. But head on fights with an smg or assault rifle are another story. The time in which it takes you to lock onto your victim and the time it takes them to kill you, are vastly different. The odds are largely placed in favor of them for reason. Surely you can switch to manual mode anytime and aim down the sights. Yet the damage you an inflict is nothing to the accumulated damage you receive in the same firefight on elapsed time. Locking on is the best option, but you have to master the spiderman parkour dance. Once this valuable trait is learned, you can run around the map as I did, and obliterating everything!

Titans are cruising fortresses, moving around the war zone like a queen on a chess board. Any opposing enemy afoot on open terrain is lunch meet. Only quick minded opponents will be able to take down decent Titan pilots. Teamwork is accomplish-able, especially if you surround the Titan between buildings. While pilots take well placed rpg shots when the Titan has his back turned to them. But grunts and drones taking the fall why you scurry to safety, are better probabilities of survival.

Head on fights, Titan vs Titan, are spectacular in cinematic experience opening up in front of your eyes. Truly a sight surging with an adrenaline rush, as you run for you life on foot darting in jumps and leaps to disconnect from their path. I will leave that for the viewer to find out for themselves. No, it’s pure brilliance of combat with rush filled emotion of glory and chills. Tingling your spine as you jump for mercy as the smashing Titan foots follow your very foot steps. As you enable cloak mode to be disguised by the targeting system of the Titan. You realize that it’s too late, the ground shakes and bombs explode around your body. Shaking your screen that replicates a shudder of your own muscles. Temptation of turning back is too heavy. You look, and….. Smash!

TitanFall is even thrilling when you lose! But when you winning, it is like the sriracha on the side of your grass fed steak.


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