First off, I am not here to talk about his addiction. The only thing that I will say, is if you don’t understand how it’s possible to be overtaken by a substance. Then ridicule from your vocal orifice should be minor. I am not here to talk about giving him a prayer, cause I’m not religious. I am here to talk about how he changed my life……

But for that to happen, we have to go back to the 90’s. In 1996 I was 7 years old and an energetic child of curiosity. But what really changed my life is the weather. I am still fixated on it today! My body stuck like a brick in the wall, at the sound of thunder and the flash of lightening. At first I was slightly terrified from the storms, but after awhile I pried myself from the mortor. That day I saw Twister on the silver screen!….. Everything changed in my life on how I saw weather. It was dark and mysterious and I loved that about it. Especially on how it created such turbulently horrendous monstrosities , that decimated the land in front of it. Phillip Seymour Hoffman played the character Dustin Davis in the film. And that day forward I was Dustin Davis. The droplet of rain on my forehead would send adrenaline through me. I was cunning and ferociously determined to see a tornado. I would watch the weather in hopes of storms, but unlike other people. I would have a base of operations in my later teen years. My day was planned in accordance to the weather. With constant updates on my phone, internet and Tv. I would follow the storms in my car, with my friend Matt as my co-storm chaser. And even though I lived in Wisconsin, we did get tornadoes each year.

File:Barneveld tornado damage.jpg

Back in June 8th in 1984, there was an extremely rare outbreak. Barneveld, Wisconsin was hit by an EF 5 or what used to be called an F5. Barneveld was a small town to begin with, but after a quarter of a mile tornado went through, nothing was hardly left!

Almost a 100 homes destroyed and 9 lives lost. With more than 25 million dollars in damages, it is still talked about it today. I live only 15 miles away…….

So considering I am a weather enthusiasts, because of the Character Phillip Seymour Hoffman played. It is with deep sadness that he is no longer to continue his amazing acting ability to the audiences of our world. His presence cannot be filled, just like all the actors that have been passing away lately. I can’t say anymore, other than what a tragedy has occurred and I only hope that he died in happiness. If happiness was his drugs of choice, I wouldn’t condone it as a way I would ever want to go out. But people make their own choices and I can’t change them and you can’t. If this is how he wanted to end it or it was just an accident overdose? No one can really tell at that moment what he decided. What is clear, is that we have a society dependent on substances and are abusing the hell out of them. And if the war on drugs hasn’t done a thing other than increased it, then maybe it’s fucking time we find a different route on how to deal with it!


 And the day will come when I chase down a tornado. And when that day is upon me, I will remember who got me to love weather and believe in beauty of it with such a drive. In the memory of Phillip Seymour Hoffman…..



    • Yeah I really hope so. Who knows with all this weird weather we are seeing. Maybe this will be the year. Or maybe it’s time I just drive Huntville, Alabama which is supposed to be record holder for Tornadoes!

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