Ultra Hd tv is so expensive! That the very thought of it has the a motion, which reacts a cash register bell. Judging from the sticker shock, it has blinded you into oblivion. Left you in a daze down the rabbit hole, while you look over your shoulder and see Alice eating a cookie that says eat me.


Ultra HD is now becoming the next standard, the next step, to your venture to a better picture. OH SHIT, stop right their! First of all, this format of resolution cannot be played in actuality to the specs of even some of the most superb PCS. The next generation consoles or current gen has the option to perform this resolution. But not in sense of playable video game titles. They can perhaps perform the resolution of a 4k fomat?  Even the first shows, such as HOUSE OF CARDS, is supposed to be the leaders into this new realm of resolution streaming. But if Bluray never took off like DVD’s, then I see no 4K format in future profitability that would outmatch a dvd sales. Batch down the hatch and call it streaming for life baby! But if you must buy a 4K TV, buy a Vizio 4K resolution. Why?!!!! Because it’s going to be the only one that is affordable with quality.


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