Only Minor Detail Will Be Given,  Never Major Spoilers

Another desolate world filled with horrendous wild life is at your fingertips. Riddick is as savage as ever! He leads you deeper into depths of his struggles, to cope with being the only one left of his kind. A tormented mind of paranoia, even when surrounded by the lust of enough female followers to pleasure a crew of timid men. He is still wickedly twisted inside, into a silent mad hatter like trance… With all sights zeroed in on returning to his home planet Furya. Even now as a Commander of the Necromongers, Riddick has the vengeance to apply a legacy of his people. Really bringing back the cult favorite Pitch Black, but adding better visuals and more action with decent acting.

As I just said, if you liked Pitch Black, then this movie is for you. Riddick is much closer in retrospect to Black, then it is to Chronicles. And not by a far margin, it has the feeling to be justified as Pitch Black two. Not an identical clone by any means, as the dilemma is completely at odds. But just the sequences of Riddick being hunted, brings that familiar flow of the past experience. Even when he is being chained up, it’s almost the identical pose as before. While his acting I feel is a better quality, it has the reminisce of soft dark tone I always loved. Showing that he is a man of true vengeance and smart ass remarks, but in the underbelly he has some morality.

Criticism has aroused this film with many mediocre remarks. So lets break them down here. Riddick is what should have been the second film in the series. I feel that it is the best out of the three, while almost tying with Pitch Black. The acting is decent from the other characters, I find Vin Diesel has matured even more to his deep dark tones. The movie has smooth flow, but the cheesy moments really halt it’s progress. For example, after Riddick has killed several people who trying to hunt him. With all of the characters continually saying that Riddick is highly skilled and stealth like. Even the backup squad saying he shouldn’t be trifled with. Then you have a character that says he is going to go out and hunt Riddick down alone. It’s kinda like a slasher film when someone decides after 3 people have died on the block, that they are now going to sleep in the tent outside alone. The acting is excellent from Vin Diesel, it’s just when it is combined with the rest of the cast it becomes mediocre.


I really want to see this series keep going, and judging by Vin Diesel, it will! But the legacy I want this movie to have, hasn’t reached it’s highest points on the cliff yet. Vin took his own money to make this and almost tripled his investment. So to say it is a loss, is an understatement by far. But if it will be remembered for his dark acting legacy, it needs to create more of a bang like the Fast and the Furious.


8 OUT 10



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