Today I am going to take a moment to get off the video games and other similarities to it. We are going to switch gears to a different subject entirely. This is not a rant, or to be depicted as one. Rather this is dilemma that we face, and maybe with it’s understanding we can solve it.


Everyone has some reminiscence of what school was like. But recently I have noticed that people change completely from themselves in high school, myself included. But the fact remains is the way we treat people with the dignity of how we felt of them in High School. Now considering we ourselves have changed, then why wouldn’t our attitudes as well follow. And even more, why wouldn’t this flicker of reality seem to hit other people as a possibility to heed. Why is it only the few, that try to branch out to people that we didn’t know. We are the ones who give other people chances, and chances and chances. Yet this same small community group is left with the slim possibility of new members to subscribe to it’s way of life.

Again this is not a rant, this is mine and your reality. WE ARE HERE on this planet, ONCE! We have ONE LIFE TO LIVE! So take all your negativity and hate and bring it to the light. Now that you can see what your doing, note that you don’t know how long your going to be here. Yes you believe a long time, but you don’t having any evidence to prove that thought. Plus you will never have that evidence, other than a probability. So if this is what your doing to the people around you, and then you fall over and die today. What is your legacy going to be. Here lies Tom who HATED everyone!

I really love people. I don’t hate on race, I don’t dislike on sexuality preference, and I don’t distinguish traits just because of your gender. So now that that’s on the table. I also am sorry for the times I did do these things that I don’t do now. Oh what’s that, you can’t believe that I have done one of these things in my past. Well you better believe it buddy or pal or lady or dog or Chuck Norris or whomever is reading this. Is that the fact is that I have done these, it’s a good possibility that we have all done all of these things at sometime in our life. But have you acknowledged it or changed it or tried to. I mean come on people, if it was true that everyone was doing these things the world would not look like this. Staying positive still, but understand that if this world was a utopia of love with no negatives. You wouldn’t have your constant insecurities.

Chances are that you have fought with someone at sometime passionately about religion. Chances are that you know of, seen or been apart of a war on religion. Considering that there is 4,200 of them, it’s not like you don’t have a few to choose from. But every one of 4,200 think they are the right religion, and that the other religions are inferior or not 100 percent correct. If we just had one person to each one of these religions, that was fighting passionately about their religion. It may look like philosophical Jerrry Springer episode. So I am here to say that your religion is your business and no one else’s. This goes both ways though, and that means you can’t engage someone with your religion if you don’t want to hear theirs. Take a moment and read the line before this one three times. Do it again. Did you read it? Good…. Now do it again.

The point of this article today, was to bring light on subjects that are troubling most people on this planet. So stay calm, be positive and remember this line in which my friend told me today “As long as you know that and have confidence, people around you who matter will know too”. All right that’s it, closed book and done. Now the world from this point on is going to be even more awesome. CAUSE you read this and understood it completely. Your going to tell your children these things and they are going to tell their children. And when the last of the WILL NOT CHANGE FOR BETTER PEOPLE die off we are going to have ourselves the best world ever. So in the words of Ron Burgundy, You Stay Classy World!


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