Only Minor Detail Will Be Given,  Never Major Spoilers

Picture that your set on the open blue sea. Carrying only the likes of water and food to starving people in Africa. The dark waters are surrounded by pirates carrying AK 47s. With your elaborate defense being a bunch of water hoses. Your job is still to deliver the goods and get out. With no protection and no arsenal. Until things go horrible wrong…

The real life Captain Richard Phillips is played by Tom Hanks. Hanks acting style in the beginning is a bossy attitude with the looking outcome of getting things done. He is quite passionate about his crew being prepared to the 5th degree. Locking every part of the ship down for any major inconvenience. Even though this of course has no avail to what’s coming. He pushes the boundaries of love for his crew though. In one circumstance of the movie, Phillips desperately has to yell at his crew to strangle their nervousness where it lies. Kinda like playing the part of father to his worried son. That no matter the outcome, he would do anything for his son to survive. In doing so , he sets the range far ahead OF what most leaders portray. With the situation raising it’s levels to psychological torments. It bends his nerves of steel, while he grasps his emotions to stay calm in his current crisis of reality.


Alexander Maersk was ship used in the filming of the movie. Which is not the same ship though it is identical to the Maersk Alabama . Criticism that has surround Richard Phillips being reckless, which has been twisted by reality.


It is true that Captain Phillips did not go further than 300 miles out from the coast, as he was cautioned to do so. But also have the mindset, would it have made a difference. Before the incident took place they went past the tip of Somalia, which is where they were picked up by radar. In Somalia they use what is called a P-12 radar, which was formerly used by the Soviets. While it is unclear what radar picked up the Maersk Alabama, this is the best hypothesis. With a range of 250km, which is roughly about 155 miles. This being said, even if the Phillips had decided to venture further than 300 miles where the pirates boarded him at. They would have easily picked up his ship after he circled around Somalia. Which is before he got the emails telling him that he was possibly in danger. Which means, they would have just followed him out further to 600 miles. But their speed boats were faster in acceleration and top speed, plus they could refuel with the “mothership” {as it is called it the movie} behind them. Richard would have never made it out to that distance, and a good probability he would have still been boarded.


A real cunning tale of ships Captain saving his ignorant and un-thankful crew, who even before the incident were disgruntled about their salary. But this doesn’t change the excellent direction and flow of intense finger nail biting tension. Tom Hanks is extremely talented all the way through, especially the ending. A must watch!


8.75 OUT OF 10



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