A stillness presents itself around the Asylum. Dark chills of energy flowing through you, giving you the impression of evil vibes in your pathway. A sickly twisted dilemma being contained in the confines of psychiatric hospital. As you venture forth to acquire your news to story to the reason of the disturbance. You not only find your questions answered, but you find the true reality of a mental disturbance that has not been left free to roam. It’s entrails not only find the stomach, but horrid leftovers as well.


Miles Upshur is a profanity driven freelance-writer. Who has fortunately found a story worth writing about, but unfortunately has placed himself in a free roaming lunatic bin of hell. A silent setting as he arrives in his SUV. He notices that the grounds that surround the Asylum are at peace and alone within themselves. Once entering the Psychiatric Hospital, it is clear that the only object worth noting to be a goal,…… IS TO ESCAPE. For no law reigns here anymore, no justice is allowed, no precautions can be done. You are alone in this prison of disturbed individuals. That care for no mercy. Full of blood-lust and with complete envy to decimate anything in their path. Which is you…


Almost the entirety of the game is set in some form of darkness. Sometimes in pitch black, while others are a milder with light shown in the corners of room or ceilings. Your camcorder is your Christ, the god that you pray to. For it’s night-vision setting, is the only way you can see where your journalist is venturing. What makes matters worse, is the battery life that is never ending when it comes to running out of juice. So while being hunted by lunatics in the confines of prison/hospital/asylum, with goal to escape with your life still in contact. On top of that you must acquire batteries so you can see to leave this place.


You have no weapons to use to your advantage. While your enemies have shards of glass, shanks and scissors. You sir, have nothing and are being hunted. While the most of dangerous disturbed individuals imaginable not only are hunting solo, but in packs! Not the smartest individuals of IQ, but nonetheless quite terrifying. At first you panic, but after a few hours of managing through very similar situations. The same enemies you continual meet, just in a different setting is the only change.


The story is based on experimenting on patients. Which is given just by reading any summary to what it is about. Now while this concept has been used before in many other movies and games. The twist is that the enemies are deformed for a reason, other than to be terrifying like a monster for no inclination. A little depth is filled in here and there, but it never concludes fully on the open seams in the story.



Inspiring journalist that unknowingly ventures into an Asylum that is inhabited by free-roaming mentally disturbed murderers. As he tries to pick up the pieces of the story, he has to step over the pieces of the mutilated dead. But just as they are chopped up on the floor, so is this story. The plot feels it has been batted apart and changed. Like the script has been plotted with multiple scenarios, but fitted with one that doesn’t interlock very well with crisscross of it’s other parts. While some conclusions are found, they are muddy and confined like the building your trapped in… 7.5 OUT OF 10



You have no weapons other than your camcorder with the ability to do night-vision. The whole point is to zigzag your way through the psychiatric hospital without alerting it’s mutated inhabitants. As soon as you alert them, you must flee in a run of fear. While most sequences put you in unfamiliar sections, you run to find a hiding spot unaware of it’s whereabouts. This raises those hairs on the back of your neck, as you panic to find a place to hide. Brilliantly designed levels, allow the same similar run and hide technique. With no change to it’s mechanics. After several hours of the same enemies, it appears to get dull and slightly smudged without the initial shine. You are still doing the same exact thing as level one conclude on. You need to find a certain objects and avoid an enemy, that’s it…… 7.0 OUT OF 10



Simply stunning are the reflections in the water. The particular artistic style they used for their villains is jaw dropping with detail. Red Barrels, is a fantastic developer when it comes to minor significance’s. Really utilizes the unreal engine to the best of it’s ability. With thunderstorms in the background resembling the realism of an actual one. The lightening strikes replicate the same shine through the windows as a real life scenario would. The flames were extremely lifelike as well. It is hard to imagine what we used to think was acceptable after looking at these gorgeous bursts of flames, that a pyro would blush over……. 9.5 OUT OF 10


Development Faults

Just one, due to my other reviewer Matt. In which he froze the computer while trying to change from the games screen to the main windows. Other than that, the game had very minor problems. Some frame colliding with others between cut-scenes. But really not much to acknowledge….. 9.0 OUT OF 10



For the sake of watching your friends play, or scaring your jumpy girlfriend. This game really has a medium level of replay ability. With 5 hours of game play, it really sets the perfect time for play-through when friends or spouses are low on time. Especially if they are looking for a one night play and beat, type of games. If it was any longer, the same game play over and over would have become unbearable. Fortunately it is short, and in that response it is a plus in this category. It really is a good party game, one you want to take to your friends house…. 8.75 OUT OF 10



Very high pitched and quick violin strums with pounding drums. Not exactly the music you enjoy in a sitting of regular internet surfing. Goes with the atmosphere of the game, but doesn’t go with the solo feel….. 7.5 OUT OF 10



At $20, this is a steal. Sure maybe Outlast has some problems with not switching up the game play, and with a longer length it would have hurt the score more. But the developers picked the perfect play-through time. Your paying $4 an hour to play this game. But replay-ability is a possibility….. 8.75 OUT OF 10





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