Only Minor Detail Will Be Given, Never Major Spoilers

We all have problems with relationships in life. Some dwell for so long on the past disappointments. That they become nonfunctional in their routines. Robotic to life’s changing atmosphere around them. They wish to not include themselves in anything other than a solo experience. But luck will eventually always find the misfortunate once in a lifetime. For the troubled Theodore, it is an AI system named Sammantha.

Theodore, who is played by Joanquin Phoenix. Works for a future Hallmark like card company. In which he creates heartfelt notes to loved ones. After a bunch of mishaps, he decides to purchase an AI. Or in the film, they call it an OS. Which the voice is played by Scarlet Johansson. A voiced program that resembles a real relationship, that builds off of your response to better suite it as a prime candidate for you.

Her is remarkable on how it can make you feel uncomfortable at first to what your seeing. But change your perspective on how the film portrays emotions so clearly. That now your lost in a loving relationship, unlike anything you have happened to see prior in a love story.

Brilliantly acted to such heartfelt notes, a constant thought I couldn’t stop thinking about. With the appearance of the gorgeous complexion of Olvia Wilde as well. The film has an amazing cast that really sets the bar to what we expect in future films.

Based in a very near futuristic Los Angeles/ Shanghai. The settings are beautiful with color and quirky looking structures. Even the video games involved in some of the scenes were quite ludicrous, but charming nonetheless.


Her is not for everyone. If you cannot grasp the possibility of person alone, to have a relationship with something artificial. Then this movie could be misunderstood to yourself. But if you allow the emotions that are seen on screen to enter your soul. Then you will understand the dilemma that one could face if they were at this point in their life. With the compounded problems that they have faced in past experiences. The loving and caring voice of Scarlet Johansson, can melt almost anyone’s barriers. Nothing in life is more powerful than love, and some scenes will be emotional to you the viewer.


9.5 out of 10


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