WE all want that perfect game that draws our partner to our current addiction. It has always been a misplaced hobby. A fun short coming, that is in the drought of our female counterparts attention. Sure there are female gamers, but the same dilemma plagues them as well. For when couples get together, it really is hard to define the perfect game of choice. What really is the perfect genre to fit the void. This always seems to be out of grasp of one persons choice preference. Until now!


For those wanting many character plots to be branched into a never-ending spaghetti like interlocking connections. The Walking Dead is a very good decision. It really is the defining genre of point and click adventure. While you can be playing and making decisions, while your spouse gasps at those you choose. Then your in the audience of your spouse, with your stomach turning, as she decides fate upon the characters you have left in her hands.  It being the Game of the Year of 2012, it is known as the legend that redefined how to make a game. Making it so cutthroat in some sequences, while bring the soft underbelly of emotion in others. Truly a fit title to gasp and sob with your loved one.


Mass Effect is a masterpiece of storytelling, but the trilogy is the perfect plot of last decade. The characters sprout out of their shells, showing their true pasts. The emotions that hurt, the betrayals that sting and hate that is volatile. You witness each one with your spouse. But your able to switch off with so many different quests, or just the observation of the realm your in. It is so inspiring, so wordless to the depth that you feel for your crew. Being the Captain, has it’s perks to oversee them. But you cherish them, and after just one installment of 40 hours, you love them. As if there a friend, a relative, or a loved one like your spouse. It redefines RPG element in it’s best.

Just two examples to play with your loved one for now. But each other week, we will have more. Have your self a positive and awesome day.


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