Game Review by NECTS

DESIGNER> Steve Gaynor

PLATFORM> PC Platform Only

DEVELOPERS> The Fullbright Company

GENRE> Mansion Walk-through with Puzzle’s with AMAZING Storytelling ability

Your soaked from the raging outside thunderstorm. Coming home from Europe, to see your family that you so desperately love and have missed. Though first glances inside your parent’s recently bought Mansion, it is clear that vacancy is only thing that accompanies it. So eludes a mystery to the whereabouts of your family.


Gone Home represents brilliant storytelling. Without the need, to have bombs exploding at every corner to keep it interesting. It provides the player with the ability to search for anything in their grasp. Open every cupboard, every door, every letter, every cabinet. The story is only as deep, as the depth of your search for clues. Every letter opens up a slightly finer perspective on your family. Giving you hints to the troubles they are currently having, what they do for jobs, and what their life is like to be them. It really puts you their seat, and the more you read the letters or wills or just plain tattered thrown away notes. A touching story seems to be shown through the grimness of life. It shows the soft emotional part of ones journey, through situations that we have met or will face.


You play as Kaitlin, who finds the bread crumbs of her sisters life, Samantha. As you go through the mansion, you will come in contact with certain letters, notes or cassettes. These objects will be the trip the wire, for your sisters commentary to played in the background. A once”Amnesia” mod, it is a first person walk-through. In which you can click on everything in view. Some doors are locked, and so a search ensues for keys and hidden passage ways.


The strength of this game, is the unknown whereabouts of your loved ones. The constant urge to see if they are endanger, or if they are in pain psychologically or physically. When the only thing commentated is your sister. Everything you read, is your specified tone, inside your head. So on some things I read, I felt the story at first, was trying to tell me something else. Frankly, the direction it concluded on was entirely different. Certain things had nothing to do with the main story, but they created a fine notch in my chest. Representing my childhood thoughts, or activities….

Gone Home touches the brilliant mark in storytelling. That really does show that video games are on an accelerated path. A path for us to be emotional attached to characters we play, and the characters in our presence. Not in a fantasy world feel, but in the reality that we live in…..


A young traveler coming home from Europe, to see her family. Yet the absence of them creates a mystery, that she must hunt down to find the answers. The game is almost entirely, beautifully plot driven. For nothing is commentated, as I said earlier, other than her sister Samantha. The most depth of any characters, I have read in a two hour period walk-through, by far……10 OUT OF 10


First person view, with a slight dot in the middle to click on each item within grasp. I never really felt lost in searching the large mansion, but boy is it a large mansion. Clicking on every item, is like ransacking a real mansion. After a while I felt that it did get a little tedious. Yet finding certain keys or hidden passage ways was uplifting. Putting cassettes in stereos and jamming out to rebel 90’s music was fun…….8.75 OUT OF 10


Surprisingly, fine tuned graphics for a mod. Definitely not the mod of year, “Cry of Fear” takes the entire cake on that one. But a nice mod for “Amnesia”, the colors are nice and not bland. The mansion is breathing like an establishment would feel in the 90’s, if you were rich, very rich. I found the paintings to really show the art of creativity, throwing the pictures in was a good choice at bring a aesthetic feel. Graphics are up to the standards. I would have given it a polished shine…. 8.0 OUT OF 10



None at all in my entire two hour walk-through. Which gives this a 10 in this category, in which I have never given…..10 OUT OF 10


At THE MAX, two hours of game play. To even consider another walk-through, is like being shown a house for sale and then getting to the door and asking to see the house again. You have seen it, you know where everything is in it. No different paths to chose, no options to change the story in anyway. Nothing other than a one time play……5 OUT OF 10


Punk rebel like 90’s music. Three songs, but they keep down the dullness as you search for more clues….7.5 OUT OF 10


The game is $20 for two hours of game play. That is if, you search absolutely everything in the entire enormous mansion. Your paying $10 an hour to play this game, which has no re-playability. No reason to have another walk-through, or to even watch your friends play it would be utter borderline madness of a boredom. The game has major, major depth in story. But to pay $20 just for that, is too much when I consider most people will play this in an hour. I would wait for the price to decrease..Just the fame of it becoming the Indie Title Of The Year, is the reason we are paying such a premium……3.5 OUT OF 10






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