Game Review by NECTS


PLATFORM> Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 4 for future release yet to be announced

DEVELOPERS> Polytron Corporaton

GENRE> 4 Dimensional Puzzle Game

We have held our breath for so very long, just awaiting that originality of Mario or Donkey Kong. But we are either greeted with same additions or never ending sequels. Either the world is 3d, or it is two 2d, but FEZ is acquires both of these dimensional views.


Carefully played music, sets the tone of relaxing plot of young thing named Gomez. Till one frightful day, the world becomes changed. With tears in the seams of another realm. His world has collided with these multiple black holes. That become more numerous as the time ticks by. Like the world is being devoured, by a darkness that eludes itself in the shadows. Gomez’s kind, is too old, and some are too young. Though is age is perfect to be the undeniable savior….


Playing Fez, is a treat. The same rarity of that ice cream Sunday, you had as child. I love the artistic fashion inter-whined into puzzling structures. As many other side scrollers seem to reuse their base environment, FEZ mixes the backgrounds in real time. Color variation’s are stimulating a changing, rainbow like presence, which is so cleanly presented. They create a jaw dropping background, that draws your eyes into frequent stare of awe and disbelief.

For the jagged edges present a ruffled retro style look. They keep that distinction of old time feel, but colors are so fluid and brilliant. That after a half hour of play, you forget those rough edges, or that smudged texture, and you become engulfed in living world that evolves around so much life. Frogs, lizards and birds seem to populate your pathway. They sometimes react to your movement, by flying away if their a bird. But you note this, and understand that with the never ending background color changes and the living life around you. This isn’t just another sider scroller, another 2d imitation, this is FEZ.


Your journey is on the look out for the gold cubes. These golden items, are the milestones that progress your game. Along the way will also encounter strange statues, and ornaments that don’t quite piece together until later in the game. These puzzle’s are elaborate and sometimes challenging, a few hiccups of glitches did occur, which made me a little tense. Especially if you have been the midst of the same puzzle for 20 minutes, and the object that you need is firmly stuck in the wall.


Wall blocks, switch up and down as you jump across them like stones across a creak. Elevate water levels to bring up a raft, or daredevil park-our to grasp a ledge or fall to you death. These are all in FEZ, beautifully choreographed music in artistic world that is breathing.

But what about the direction, sure they give you a map to world you have explored. I could use the teleport system, but maybe I just want to check out an area I haven’t went to. So what door goes to this unknown place. And in a world of doors, this is kinda like finding that silver hair, in pile similarly colored hair. I felt lost sometimes, continually checking my world map. I didn’t want someone to hold my hand, just grasp it sometimes. Give me some direction, the hands on my shoulder when my eye’s are covered by a cloth.


Gomez is this cute little character, that on few queues shows his personality. Innocently sleeping , if you don’t move him after a certain amount of time. He is thrown into a mysterious world that he knows nothing about, a savior unknowingly. Lost in world being ripped by black holes, and trinkets being the valuables that allow him to progress. Hardly any dialogue in its entirety, but it’s simplistic attitude I found a little shallow. More depth in beginning would have been nice, other than an old man saying two lines. One being “hi” the other being “I’m too old now, it’s your turn”, I have seen more character depth in Game Boy Game from the 90’s…… 7.5 OUT OF 10


 Jumping from ledges, grasping walls. You play this innocence, but your daredevil attributes seep out of you. Unlikely qualities, from what seems like a crème puff personality. Turning pivots, allows water levels to change your setting. Opening up new ways to acquire what you seek. I found each world or hexagonal picture from the worlds interface. To be slightly different and not reused. The world is living with creatures, but only seldom does anything interact with you at all. Which is a bird, and a few people…… Timing floating steps, that are turning counter clock wise, was little challenging. But what I liked, was throwing bombs into a wall. This destroyed a section, that allows you to grab hold of, but reverts back after just a few seconds. Probably the most challenging aspect, but a very minor inconvenience once you time it correctly. But, the bottom line is that I found some levels to be finely created into a masterful design. While others, seemed to be just tacked on. For some, the taste used my full palette. While others were bland. Maybe it is because I am getting older, or maybe because I have played Machinarium and Antichamber.I think FEZ really brings back that classic gameplay that resembles Mario, Donkey Kong. It brings more view angles to the table, but some levels just falls short in creativiy…..8.25 OUT OF 10


Ruffled retro style look, with beautiful color changes in the background. The world is living, and the jagged edges are looked past because of it. Though even on full 1080p, Gomez ain’t winning any pageants. The look is entirely intentional, so I give Fish the creator props…..8.5 OUT OF 10


A couple of major issues. One that involved a rising water level and a raft. After about 15 minutes of trying to get the raft in position. Which would allow me to jump on it and get leeway to a floating doorway. The raft gets completely stuck in the wall, I then spent another 5 minutes trying to get it out of the wall. Finally I just left, came back a second time and the same thing happened again. Except this time when it gets stuck, a shiny white cube appears. I have no idea if that was part of the game or a glitch now. Gomez can be a little stiff, kinda dragging his feet feel. Which is part of his programming, but I found the timing sequences to be annoying when he wasn’t as alert. Gomez usually grabs a hold of an object he comes in contact with. But sometimes it was like he was a volleyball, being thrown at a wall, he just bounces back…. 8.0 OUT OF 10


Most puzzle games, pose the question if they crafted with enough variety to be played again. Since almost every puzzle, has one way to unlock it. If you have a decent memory, this can cause dryness in excitement level of another walk-through. FEZ should be fully played, to all it’s lengths. But another walk-through is something I wouldn’t advise to myself……7.25 OUT OF 10


Brilliantly choreographed to fit the setting. Sometimes the music beats simulate the environment moments around you. Which was a really cool concept, but wasn’t used very much, disappointing. Loved most of the music though, few tracks felt kinda off par, compared to it’s other brilliant tracks. But a solid soundtrack nonetheless…..8.5 OUT OF 10



I got the game on STEAM, from my Nephew as a gift. Which thanks Colton by the way, a little shout out to one of the biggest gamers in the family. For the price of $2.50, what an exceptional game of brilliance. Brings a new IP into the mix, but considering Fish the creator is done with video games. This is kinda it, especially for it to start and end it’s legacy on one addition. I find it disheartening, and immoral for the creator to chose to do this. Regardless of issues, to just end his IP over some comments made, is ridiculous. Scrutiny, insults, and harassment are sadly apart of life. I am quite hypocritical saying this. But when you life knocks you down, get up slowly and look it dead in the eye. And tell it, that you hit like a bitch….. But this value has major spunk…..9.25 OUT OF 10





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